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Exciting Announcement!



Here it is, guys! The poster (for all you graphic designers, I am definitely NOT one, so please excuse any shoddy workmanship that you should notice) for my first exhibition with the lovely Lynda Bell. I hope that any people in the Timaru area can pop in to visit us some time during the exhibition; it’d be lovely to see some friendly faces!

This is just a short update to make the exhibition as public as possible, stay tuned for some more work updates and for when prints will be available (if you’re interested, please let me know and I can do some advanced orders).


Time for an Update…

Hey guys! Sorry about the long delay between posts; it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

Here’s some images of my latest works ….


So here’s my second in the censorship series; it kind of relates mostly to my dislike towards the over population of landscapes, and the view that they’re “real” art – especially in the small town with surrounding farm area I live in. I wanted to give it an anonymous, otherwordly landscape feel, and having the ‘fuck’ hidden in the spaces of landscape area.




This is the third in the series of progress works; this time I was looking at the dissecting of the font itself, and putting it into an environment where the word itself becomes less noticeable. This was from an initial pencil drawing playing around with the word ‘fuck’ in text, and I segmented that apart and played around with some angular shapes to disguise the text.

I also found that a somewhat limited colour palette works much better, at least for myself; I can tend to go over top with too many colours which can mess with the overall look that I’m trying to achieve.



The first three works pictured together — I’m pretty happy how they look together, as well as individually.



This is the latest I’ve been working on — “Where do you go after…”.

I’d really like to know people’s thoughts on this one before I go into detail about it!






So, here it is … the first of my works centering around censorship and political correctness. Read back on my past posts for a bit more detail regarding this. I’d love to hear your feedback! xx

A small follow up

Okay. So I was thinking about the post I put up last night, and I’m starting to think that the issue of censorship is primarily where I am headed. 

On that note, I think I quite like the idea of moving into to phrases and sentences, rather than my initial idea of a single word without context. Things like “what the fuck?” and “who the fuck do you think you are”, etc – that directly poses a question of idea of the viewer. Hopefully in doing this, they’re still question the offensive nature of the words (I plan on keeping the bright, bubblegummy imagery), but also the intent, and whether it should be censored or not.

We all have a different idea of censorship; whether society has taken it too far, or not far enough. I personally think that ‘the powers that be’ have taken censorship in a far too heavy direction; and this is what I’m hoping to put out there by putting such statements in such an obvious, viewable way.

On a slight tangent, we also discussed the idea of doing some ceramic plate painting next week in class – I quite like the idea of putting these (normally) offensive statements and words on something as mundane as a dinnerset. It’s something used and seen daily; the wee ideas that have started to bubble from this are kind of catching my interest. I quite like the idea of putting something that we’re supposed to censor and keep ‘hidden’, instead being out there, on a regularly used, usually mundane item is something that really intrigues me.

Anyone have any thoughts regarding censorship? Let me know your thoughts!