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Franz Ackermann

Here’s just a short wee post to keep things rolling; a wee look at one of the artists I’m looking at this semester. 

Franz Ackermann, who paints landscapes — but in a completely unexpected and different format to what we would expect. He tends to paint his experiences of cities he’s visited, rather than the actual visual landscape; which results in what I think is one of the most beautiful, stimulating, and visually all-encompassing approaches I’ve come across. Ackermann refers to these as “Mental Maps”, which I think is a beautiful approach to painting. I absolutely love his work; I know I could never measure up in quality, finish, and material, but he is an absolute inspiration. 

Here’s some images of his work — I hope you can find as much brilliance in them as I do.

Mental Map: Evasion V; 1996


Mental Map: Evasion VI; 1996


Helicopter XVI (on the balcony)

Helicopter XVI (On the balcony); 2001.

Here’s a fantastic link with more information on Ackermann and his work; also the source for the images.



scribble time

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scribble time

Excellent afternoon for scribbling ideas towards next semester in the sun. Playing around with the inclination towards being overly PC, and why words offend us like they do … don’t like fuck? Tough luck 😉

Hello All!

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So, some of you may remember the previous blog I used to write, which I let fall by the wayside, unfortunately. Hopefully (with much luck, and crossing of fingers … oh, and probably some actual hard writing and work), this one fares a bit better; as both an outlet for ideas, thoughts, and musings, and also as a tool to hopefully show people what I’m doing.

This first post is pretty much as a hello and a resurfacing of sorts; diving into the massive ocean that is unprofessional blog writing (wildly so).

Please bear with me as I find my way around wordpress, and potentially change the layout, font, formatting … you know the story.

For those of you wanting a bit of back story, I’ll throw you a (hopefully) permanent link to my old blog, as well as putting it on my ‘about’ page.