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Time for an Update…

Hey guys! Sorry about the long delay between posts; it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

Here’s some images of my latest works ….


So here’s my second in the censorship series; it kind of relates mostly to my dislike towards the over population of landscapes, and the view that they’re “real” art – especially in the small town with surrounding farm area I live in. I wanted to give it an anonymous, otherwordly landscape feel, and having the ‘fuck’ hidden in the spaces of landscape area.




This is the third in the series of progress works; this time I was looking at the dissecting of the font itself, and putting it into an environment where the word itself becomes less noticeable. This was from an initial pencil drawing playing around with the word ‘fuck’ in text, and I segmented that apart and played around with some angular shapes to disguise the text.

I also found that a somewhat limited colour palette works much better, at least for myself; I can tend to go over top with too many colours which can mess with the overall look that I’m trying to achieve.



The first three works pictured together — I’m pretty happy how they look together, as well as individually.



This is the latest I’ve been working on — “Where do you go after…”.

I’d really like to know people’s thoughts on this one before I go into detail about it!




About kaleidescope

A 2nd year art student, full of colour, ideas, argument, crass jokes, coffee, and gin.

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